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The thrill of dreaming big, the joy of turning that dream into reality – in today’s India, more and more opportunities are open to young people, as long as they have the right skills and knowledge. And many of the critical skills are labelled “entrepreneurship.”



Join the FUN and the LEARNING – Bring Entrepreneurship Week India to your School!

Entrepreneurship Week India is Asia’s largest celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. Powered by the non-profit NEN and the Wadhwani Foundation, with more than 30 association and media partners, in 2012 more than 500 of India’s top institutes ran 4500 events, engaging more than 6 lakh participants. Over the past four years, E Week has inspired new entrepreneurs and built support for entrepreneurs.

In 2012 for the first time, EWeek@School brought the celebration of Entrepreneurship Week India into schools. NEN has created an opportunity for faculty, and volunteers, to introduce their students to the joy and skills of entrepreneurship by running an exercise called the Rs. 50 Exercise. Originated at Stanford University, run successfully at hundreds of top Indian institutes, the exercise has been adapted to work for students aged 7 – 12 years.

What is the Rs. 50 Game?

Rs. 50 is a game in which students form teams, and each team dreams up an idea, starts a “company” investing a maximum of Rs. 50, and by the end of the ½ day exercise, sees how much they have learned...and earned.

So, take ½ a day, a group of young students, and a handful of adults – and see the entrepreneurial sparks start to fly! And share your stories to inspire the nation.


DOWNLOAD: How to Participate in E Week@School

DOWNLOAD: E Week Currency (BW)

DOWNLOAD: E Week Currency (Colour)

DOWNLOAD: E Week@School signature form


Special Award: The E Week@School Award



Every E Week, we are excited by the extraordinary efforts of young NEN E Leaders like you across the country, who reach out to school students in the neighbourhood to spread the message of entrepreneurship. We know how much you enjoy doing it – and we want to give you the support and encouragement you need to do your best. E Week@School aims to recognize and support your efforts in taking E Week to schools. Importantly, it offers you an opportunity to enable school students to experience entrepreneurship in fun, powerful ways.

If this is a priority for you during your E Week India celebrations, we recommend you register for the E Week@School Award using the Awards Registration form provided in this kit.

What do we need to do to contend for the Award?

To contend for the EWeek@School Award, you will need to lead your institute’s E Cell to engage the maximum number of school students, at any number of schools, in entrepreneurship through the 50 Rupees game. Instructions on how to run the exercise is provided in the document entitled ‘EWeek@School’ in this kit.

How do we register for the Award?

Any NEN Member Academic Institute can register for the Award using the Awards Application form provided in this kit.

Will we get any supporting materials to run E Week@School?

Yes. As part of the E Week India Marketing Kit that we will ship to your institute in January, you will receive E Week India Currency to run the 50 Rupees game. In addition, this kit already contains a How-To document that explains how the 50 Rupees game must be run in schools; a brief description of the E Week@School Award that you can use to get permission from schools, and a Documentation template that must be filled and sent to the NEN Trust office for evaluation for the Award.

Should we submit any documents to be eligible for the Award?

Once you register your institute for the EWeek@School Award, the only document you must mandatorily submit is the document entitled ‘EWeek@School: Participant Certification’ in this kit:


  •          For each school that you conduct the 50 Rupees exercise, you must submit separate documents. Please make photo-copies as appropriate.
  •         As indicated in the document, it must contain the signature of every student of the school that took part in the exercise.
  •         The document must be certified by the Principal or a teacher of the school.


  •          Please mail either scanned copies of the documents to or hard copies to the following address by February 15, 2013:


National Entrepreneurship Network

113/1B, Benaka Tech Park,

Block II, Third Floor, ITPL Main Road,

Kundalahalli, Bangalore - 560 037

Karnataka, India