The Quizmaster’s Agenda

It’s around 3’0 clock in the afternoon when we reach BMS College of Engineering, it’s sunny and we walk into a fairly deserted campus. Our NEN consultant takes us to the main building where the events are supposedly happening. We find the place quiet, most of the students are giving their exams; one of the faculty takes us to the business quiz, the current event and we seat ourselves at the back. 
The room is filled with students and we see the questions being projected on the white screen, beside the screen is a huge banner of E Week and BMS EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Center). The Quiz Master is fantastic, he does a brilliant job at firing questions, clarifying doubts, giving subtle hints and background knowledge about the topics used. The participants are an enthusiastic crowd of about forty students from all disciplines. The questions asked were probing, making the students think, we even found ourselves discussing the answers to some. I felt jubilant when I got an answer right; they showed a logo of fictional bank and asked us to name it. We had to leave so I controlled the urge to shout Gringotts and the quiz master moved on to the next question. 
Sadly, we didn’t have time to catch up on the photography event which was happening in parallel.