Maggy Centre

Adarsh Mohan Dixit, Akshay Vyas and Aditya Desai are three mechanical engineering students of the Malwa Institute of Technology in Indore who have been leading a hostel life since coming to the city for this course. Their proposed venture operates in the fast food space for students like themselves.
Living in hostels, it is difficult to miss the dependence students have for fast food, particularly inexpensive options like ready-to-cook noodles. This team realised that there was no one way of preparing this fast snack, especially given diverse backgrounds of theses students. Most popular noodles brands give three or four options in flavour, but students innovates with their own kinds of masalas. The matter is made worse by the near-total monopoly of a particular brand in this segment.
This young team of students realised that to crack this segment as a business idea, they needed to have a diverse preparation of noodles. So, they have decided to cater customised noodles to students. Their team collects noodles recipes from students, taking notes on the choice of masala and ingredients. So far, they have collected 24 different recipes. Desai is single largest contributor to this list, with a list of seven flavours behind him. All a student needs to do is choose a recipe, which may or may not be the one that he or she has contributed to the menu, and in a few minutes, a tasty, steamy bowl of noodles is presented to them.
This young team – which credits its innovative idea to the inspiration from other management students from the city, like Chai Bar, who have gone on to turn their passion for food and drinks into successful business ventures – wants to cater to the large student community of Indore with the first outlet in the Gita Bhawan or the Bhawarkuna area, where there are at least 10 hostels for outstation students. It feels that with a list of ingredients and masalas, like cheese, eggs, pav bhaji masala, chhole masala, etc. they can satiate a large majority of students. Depending on the ingredients, a plate of noodles can cost anything between Rs 25 to Rs 125. Another feature of this venture is that they propose to use regular noodles rather than a brand already available in the market to create a niche for themselves.