The domino effect of E Week

E Week 2013 at Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR) has taken on the cool factor after the institute was declared as Runner-Up in the small institute category at E Week India 2012. Into their second year of celebrating E Week, the E Leaders at TIMSCDR have already mobilised the students in their college from being unresponsive to enthusiastically participating in entrepreneurship activities. 
Ever since winning the E Week Debut Runners-up award last year, the aptly named E Cell Ayan meaning to progress, focused on creating greater awareness about entrepreneurship on campus. The E Cell Leaders organized workshops to change the perception of students. The impact has been positive. For instance, many students volunteered to organize activities for their second of E Week celebrations. This is gratifyingly different from last year when students participated only because it was mandated by the college management.
The preparations for E Week started a month and half ago at TIMSCDR. The team created around 30 videos to explain the scope of E Week for their E Week@School initiatives. The most successful events however were the flash mobs and street plays at the Oberoi Mall in Goregaon and Growel’s 101 Mall in Kandivali. The theme was safety of women and the team was able to engage 1800 people at Oberoi and 750 at Growels.
Within a short time of initiating entrepreneurship programs on campus, the college is already supporting many student ventures. Around The Globe Holidays run by Tejas Wani was selected as TATA First Dot 2013’s Top 30 student ventures of India. Appic Mobile’s student founder Naumaan Khan lists Cleartrip, Fiat Cafe among his clients. His venture provides software solution and application development across various popular platforms and devices. Pstatic Studio, founded by four students, offers a host of digital marketing solutions including web design and development, app development, graphic design, SEO/SEM.