Aura—Taking it forward

Dayanand Sagar Institute is massive with over twelve departments having about fourteen thousand students. We reach almost at the end of the event, CEO Connect, where they have arranged a talk by Mr. Mahadevaswamy who is the CEO of Applied Inventions. He talks about collaborating members, pitching ideas, applying for patents and procuring finances. The crowd intently listens to him, they catch his every word.  We smile when the faculty giving the vote-of-thanks quips, No Sir, we are not letting you leave just yet. She tells him the students will keep in touch with him and take his guidance for their setting up and incubating their ventures. She then presents him with a memento as a token of remembrance. 
We are then taken to the MUN; the air is tense, the delegates of Russia and the USA have agreed to help Greece with a fifty billion dollar bailout plan (Greece is in severe economic crisis). The Euro Council has agreed and press releases are read from both parties (Russia and the USA). The Chair reads the motion to adjourn the meeting; all are in favor and the MUN ends. I ask around about the event and eager participants launch their experiences all at once. It’s the first MUN for them and they say, it broadened their horizon to a new perceptive and was a great learning experience. The MUN was a two day event where topics such as State Supported Terrorism and the Euro Crisis were discussed and delegated.
It was simply delightful to see a huge banner of IEDC for DSI, E WEEK powered by NEN in one of their buildings. We were told that the banner would be placed in other buildings in rotation, wherever the prime events of the day were supposedly happening.  
The next event on the list was the quiz; the participation was decent with 32 registered teams of two each. The organizers talk to us about this event and the others they have planned. They tell us what about the flash mob they conducted to promote the E-Week. We can see that they were ecstatic about the turnout (about 250 students). They also put placards of E Week on the vehicles of the college as a way of promotion. We can see the absolute pleasure in their eyes when tell us they received about 400 registrations the next day. The Quiz ended with a signature campaign, where students signed in their comments about the event. 
Since the IEDC is fairly new in the campus, the majority of the events are focused on creating awareness among students on Entrepreneurship and their E-Cell, Aura.