The anthem of ‘We can. We will’

‘We can. We will’ is an integral part of NEN. It’s our cornerstone. The Trust Team quotes it at every given opportunity; more so during E Week. So when I heard it in the chorus of Saveetha’s E Week anthem, I was ecstatic. 
To do something different for E Week 2013, the team at Saveetha created an anthem which was recorded in a studio with vocals support from popular singer Nikhil Mathews. The anthem was released at the E Week launch and a lot can be said about the catchiness of its tune if the audience hummed along at first listen.
As much as I’d love to write more about the anthem, it’s time to talk about SAM-Uth (Science, Arts, Management Youthopia). SAM-Uth is a conference themed on the lines of TED Talks with the objective of creating ‘Youthopia’. It featured 12 speakers who spoke on innovation, success, entrepreneurship among others. Radhika Ganesh, an activist, social entrepreneur and fashion publicist all combined in one had the audience singing and dancing during her talk. Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, a professional actor, director and playwright, spoke about success and importance of going at it one-day at a time. To look up the speakers, click here. 
There is no dearth of student ventures working on innovative ideas at Saveetha Engineering College. We met two such ventures. Gopinath K and S Karunakaran of Itronix Automation are working on a solar powered robotic device which they claim will innovate agriculture is done in India. They are also working on an Automation Control device which will control voltage and tell a home appliance when to switch off. Ahem, do we see a need for such a device?
Mandox was the other student venture which impressed us with a compact IC trainer device. IC trainers are used in digital electronics experiments but are too ponderous and unwieldy. This was pointed out by associate professor S Karunakaran who challenged Mandox to build a more compact device. The result is a portable and user friendly device which is ready to go to market and is five times cheaper than the existing device. The team has already identified their clients and are in the process of adding finishing touches to their business plan.