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No closing time for E Week

Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai

Feb 6, 6.30 pm


It was dark by the time we reached Atharva College of Engineering, and I was getting increasingly anxious about missing out on the fun.


But I should have known better. There’s no closing time for E Week! The classrooms were locked, but the corridors were buzzing with activity. The students had made a mega-size model of Chandrayaan made of a PVC pipe and showcased the E Week mascot – a roll of money – in every corner.


Even the swimming pool became a notice board, with students using floatable balls to spread the message of E Week!


However, the real inspiration came from the students themselves. Several have launched campus companies, including a stationery shop, a college magazine, a tiffin service and an information portal for students. “We have learnt so many new things in our E Cell, and we cannot wait to put them to practice. A campus startup felt like the best way to start,” says E Leader Ishani Ghosh.


Athrava College




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