How To Participate in E Week 2016


E Week 2016 Participation


Take the E Week Pledge 

Attend an E Week Activity

For NEN E Leaders


How to Participate in E Week


During E Week  2016, over 7,00,000 people across 30 cities get in building support for entrepreneurs through a wide range of program and activities that included competitions, pledge-taking sessions, marathons, mentoring and networking sessions, and much more.

This year, E Week 2016 is tipped to be bigger and better! And there are a variety of ways through which you can get involved:


1.      Take the E Week Pledge


      Entrepreneurs solve problems, create value, and create jobs. But entrepreneurs do not succeed alone; our support makes a difference. Help improve the climate for entrepreneurs in India, and help make a difference by taking the E Week pledge to build an entrepreneurial India. You can either take the E Week pledge online at, or lead a pledge-taking ceremony on your campus during E Week 2016.


2.      Attend an E Week Activity or Program


      Every year during E Week, thousands of events and activities are organized by academic institutes across the country. These include talks, panel discussions, competitions, expositions, movie screenings and more. Many are open to participants from outside the institutes. If you wish to attend an event, do not forget to check out our Events Calendar in our website.


Are you an NEN E Leader?


1.     Organize an E Week Activity or Program


E Week India aims to engage the maximum number of participants to raise public support for entrepreneurship. As part of this platform, even you can organize an event using the resources from NEN. Get ideas for the types of events you can organize by visiting Activity Ideas. You can download relevant resources from this page.


2.     Register for the E Week India Regional Premier Awards


Academic institutes will compete for the E Week India Regional Premier Awards this year. These awards are given to institutes that best demonstrate the spirit of E Week, providing the extraordinary leadership required to make E Week a success while also growing the entrepreneurship ecosystem on the campus, making it highly impactful.

If you are the representative of an academic institute and would like to register for this award, check out the documents in the Resource Kit.