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E Week 2016: Awards & Criteria


Description of the Awards and Criteria

Regional Awards:

Who can compete for the E Week India Awards?

What do the winners get?

When and how will the winners be notified?


What is the process of selecting the winners?




E Week 2016 Awards


1.      Overview

From February 20th to 27th 2016, academic institutes will come together across the country to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, and celebrate opportunities in today's India. Every year, E Leaders and Faculty Leaders from these institutes lead the show and surprise everyone with their zeal, effort and thinking to drive the E Week movement in India.


Their contribution to increasing awareness and support for entrepreneurs in India is commendable and is recognized through the E Week Awards. Winners are those institutes that best demonstrate the spirit of E Week, providing the extraordinary leadership required to make E Week a success while sustaining and growing a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem on their campuses through the year.

Regional Awards Ceremonies across India will announce the following Awards, in each region:


  1. Premier Awards - Impact

    - Highest Impact Institute Award

    - Best Campus Company Award


  3. Innovation Awards

    - Innovative solutions/venture Award

    - E Week @School Innovation Award


  5. E-week Special Awards – based on yearlong activities and activities during E-week

    - E Week Champion Awards (3 nos )

    - E Week Runners Up Awards (3 nos)

    - E Week Debut Awards (2 nos)

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2.      Descriptions of the Awards

With each year E Week gets bigger and bigger with higher benchmarks to make it more impactful and create a healthy competition among the participants.




A) E Week Premier - High Impact Institute Award

While there are a lot of benefits for an academic institute to promote entrepreneurship on campus. The primary goal of all such efforts should be to create job givers rather than job seekers. What is desired as an outcome is that more and more students take up entrepreneurship as a career option and as a result increased number of start-ups emerge from every campus.


The High Impact Institute award is given to those high performing institutes which have displayed exemplary determination and dedication in running high impact programmes to create more start-ups.


The winners will be selected based on,

  • The number of student entrepreneurs created from April 2013 to 31st Jan 2016
  • Number of alumni entrepreneurs created & supported (?) from 1st April 2011 to 31st Jan 2016


Institutes have to submit all details of student and alumni entrepreneurs including name, address, venture name, contact details, jobs created, revenue, url/FB page link, mentor name and contact


B) E Week Premier - Campus Company Award


Campus companies are experiential learning programmes which involve students starting ventures on campus with support of college management and faculty mentors. Over the years many NEN academic institutes have started campus companies which are run by students and offers great learning for the aspiring entrepreneurs. This award seeks to identify and reward some of the best campus companies across India.


The winners will be selected based on the innovativeness of ideas, profitability and scalability.


- Institutes have to submit details of student entrepreneurs involved , brief of the venture, financial statements, pictures/videos, customer




A) E Week Innovation Award


The E Week Innovation Award is a recognition of efforts of an institute to encourage its students to come up with innovative solutions to local challenges.


  • Determined by innovativeness, commercial viability & impact
    • Institutes will have to submit details of the innovative solution, prototype/MVP design along with supporting documents


B) E Week@ School Innovation Award


Given to the school team which has developed an innovative project/ideas as a solution to existing problems.


  • Determined by creativity of the idea & impact on the society
    • Institutes will be required to submit details of idea/project, at what stage is it in, if prototype ready – then a picture of it, media coverage if any




These awards are given to those institutes who are committed to promote entrepreneurship and organize various impactful programs and activities on campus throughout the year in addition to organizing impactful thematic events during E-week.


E Week Champion Award winners exhibit overall excellence and leadership in contribution to entrepreneurship in terms of direct creation of ventures and in the quality and depth of the programs. The key indicators that determine the E Week Champion Awardees and Debut awardees include the:


  • High level of impact created on campus:
    • Institutes will be asked to submit details of impact: No of ventures created, No of entrepreneurs created, No of jobs created


  • Quality and scale of entrepreneurship programmes on campus from April 2016 to 31st January 2016
    • Institutes have to submit details of all entrepreneurship programs and activities implemented on campus from April 2016 to 31st January 2016
    • Documentation includes – participating student details (name, contact, email id, current year of study and year of passing out) brief reports, pictures, links to videos, media coverage


  • Buzz generated during E Week through activities and programs which have high relevance to the E Week theme:
    • Institutes will be asked to submit details of impactful programmes based on the E Week theme and run during the week with specific proofs including pictures, press releases, write ups, participating student details and contacts of E Leaders & Faculty who have led these initiatives


*E Week Debut Awards are specifically for those institutes that are new to entrepreneurship and have taken NEN Membership this year. The criteria for judging will be similar to the Champion Awards.


Institutes can apply for all the above awards separately.


In addition to the above, we have introduced four new categories of awards now:


E Week Premier Impact Awards - Star Faculty

An Amazon gift voucher of Rs. 25000/-  to be awarded for the faculty/faculty team who have been instrumental in creating maximum number of entrepreneurs and startups (students & alumni).

 The E Week Star Faculty Award recognizes role of faculty in motivating, hand holding and mentoring students to create start ups.  It is a recognition of year long efforts and continuous engagement of NEN faculty with their aspiring student and alumni entrepreneurs.  Those faculty who have been instrumental in creating entrepreneurs and startups through their efforts of leading entrepreneurship  on campus, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs to create ventures are recognized through this award. Faculty need to register their names on the  E Week portal and submit relevant information as per the award criteria to be eligible for this award. One award per region will be given out in this category.


NEN Anthem Video Award

The NEN Anthem will be launched this E Week 2016 and an award will be given to that institute which has created an innovative and interesting video around it.  Institutes will be required to capture E week activity in a video format using NEN Anthem in the audio background and share it on E Week portal. The best video in terms of innovation and creativity will be given the NEN Anthem Video Award.


NEN Anthem Social Media Champ Award

Given to that institute which has created maximum outreach for NEN anthem video through social media. 

 Institutes are to upload the video on Youtube and promote through various social media including Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag #EWeek2016.  The institute that gets highest views on Youtube will be awarded NEN Anthem Social Media Champ.

 Submission Timelines: Maximum ‘views’ on YouTube as on the end of day 27th Feb 2016 will be considered for the award.  Institutes need to submit the link to the YouTube video, number of views, screenshot of the video on YouTube which clearly shows ‘number of views,’ on E Week portal.


NEN SmartE – The Apprentice Challenge Powered by First Advantage, Challenge #3

The theme of SmartE Challegne#3 is to “Build a Brand” for RangRage. The participants will have to create a 1min innovative commercial ad video highlighting RangRage’s USP. To participate and know more about the event click on the following link: http://nenglobal.org/event/smarte-apprentice-challenge-3-build-brand


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3.      Regional Awards:

Academic institutes can apply for the awards, based on their location, at respective regions as follows:


North Region: includes Delhi, Gurgaon, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh


Central Region: includes Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra


South Region: includes Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh


East Region: includes West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Jharkand

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4.      Who can compete for the E Week Awards?


E Week Premier Awards and Special Awards are given to academic institutes. Student led E Cells of institutes compete against each other for the Premier Awards, Innovation Awards, and Special Awards. In order to compete for the awards, an institute MUST have:


  • applied for the various categories of E Week 2016 on the E Week website
  • submitted the required information in the relevant formats for evaluation
  • agreed to the terms and conditions of the award process

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5.      What do the winners get?

All winners will receive their trophies during the Regional Gala Awards Ceremony. They will be showcased on the E Week website and the NEN website.


Principals, directors, faculty and students from respective regions are encouraged to attend the Regional Awards Ceremony!

6.      When and how will the winners be notified?

All nominees are invited to attend the Regional Awards Ceremony where the winners will be announced! 




7.      What is the process of selecting the winners?

Judging process: The judging process for the Regional E Week Premier Awards and the Special Awards includes the following:


Step 1: Application for the awards (please mention the region appropriately)


Step 2: Shortlist based on authenticated info from the institutes


Step 3: Verification and audit of the submissions from all shortlisted


Step 4: Selection by a final E Week panel based on the audited information



    Step 1: Application for an Award



E Cells MUST APPLY specifically for the different categories of awards that they are contending and submit the same in appropriate Regional category. It is fine to apply for more than 1 category. Please refer back to the award categories for details of the awards.


Application to an award includes submitting:

a) Overall application form on behalf of the institute


b) Submitting details of the programs that the E Cell is running, depending upon the awards that the E Cell may be applying to. All annual activities implemented on campus from April 2015 to 31st January 2016, along with details of E Cells, E cell members, student entrepreneurs created and entrepreneurs supported should all be uploaded on InCapME (Institute Capacity Measure for Entrepreneurship - please contact your respective NEN Consultant for more information). The conferences, courses, workshops, campus companies and details of all other entrepreneurship programs should be tracked there. Apart from this any other documentation required should be submitted for evaluation for awards.


Please refer to the E Week documentation requirements before submitting your application.


In addition to submitting the application form, E Cells can access the link on E Week website and submit their plan starting January 15th, 2016.


Every application form must be filled up completely, verified and signed by the Dean or the Director of the Institute. The Institute takes responsibility for the authentication of the information submitted by the contesting teams.


Only completed application that includes, the application form along with the required documents will be accepted for consideration for the Awards.



Step 2: Shortlist based on authenticated information from the institutes


A first shortlist of 25 contenders based on the authenticated information from the institutes is developed by a NEN Trust team panel for the E Week Regional Premier Awards.


Shortlists of 5 each for the '2 categories of the Debut Awards' and the '3 categories of the Special Award' are developed



Step 3: Audit of information submitted


The application submissions of each of the short-listed programs is verified and audited extensively for authenticity by the auditors appointed by NEN Trust Team. The auditors will be looking for the following indicators:


  • Actual implementation of the presented plan: you are doing what you have said, including all the programs and activities implemented on campus during the year
  • 'Buzz' or 'energy' on campus during E Week: there is general vibrancy around campus with lots of things happening; clear presence of E Week branding with extensive & creative use of materials; large scale participation in any given event or program; general awareness amongst students, management and faculty about E Week and entrepreneurship
  • Awareness off campus: the campaign has created large scale awareness off campus about E Week and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the program has meaningfully engaged stakeholders - directly involved the public in awareness campaigns including pledge ceremony, discussions and other activities
  • High quality of programs in entrepreneurship through the year and E Week: this is reflected in content and delivery of the program to inspire, inform and educate; and in how well the program is organized. High quality is an outcome of thoughtful and systematic work and advance planning. Programs with higher speaker and teaching content; and first hand entrepreneurial experience generally result in higher learning and are desirable.


The audits will include:


1. On the ground verification: An NEN designated Auditor will visit each campus on the short-list for E Week Award to verify the on the ground 'buzz' and 'energy' in addition to developing a clear sense for the quality of the programs run by you.


The audit team member will use your submitted schedule of E Week activities to decide best times to visit. The visits will be unannounced and during the visit the audit team member may choose to do one or all of the following:


a) Meet with the management


b) Look around the campus


c) Interact with the students


d) Interact with members of the audience of a specific program


2. Meetings/phone calls with management, faculty and students will happen to audit the annual activities /programs filled on InCapME


3. Phone audits: In addition to the 'on the ground audit' one or more audit team member/s will verify the happenings on campus and information related to sponsorships etc. through phone conversations with participating speakers or sponsors or any of the organizing team members including E Leaders and Faculty leaders


Please note: contact info of all speakers, sponsor contacts and organizers is required if you are competing for the Awards along with details of faculty and E-leaders involved


Step 4: Final Selection of the winners from the audited information:


The audited information will be presented to the E Week 2016 panel of judges. The panel will include senior Trust team members and entrepreneurs from the community.


Weightage for the Premier, Runners Up and Honor Roll Awards will be as follows: 50% on regular entrepreneurship activities/programs implemented on campus between 1st April 2015 to 31st January 2016 and 50% on E Week programs from 20-27 Feb 2015.

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