A week long extravaganza, Institute of Engineering & Management celebrated it’s Entrepreneurship week (E-week) in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) from 14th February to 21st February, 2015. A merger of creativity and technology, invention and innovation: this year’s e-week, as it has been for the past eight years, was celebrated with yet more pomp and grandeur marking the silver jubilee celebrations of this institute.

With a plethora of events to offer, NEN E-Week 2015 kicked off in a grand fashion.Going by the saying “morning shows the day”, the highly successful opening of this year’s E-Week merely gave us the idea of the things to come. It began with a Lamp Lighting, Pledge Reading and Speech by our Director, Principal, and Faculty leaders. It focused on increasing awareness about entrepreneurship

Moving on to Day 2 of the week, the highlights of this day were definitely a Work Shop on Manual Robotics  conducted by students of IEM and a highly distinguished Entrepreneurs talk on opportunities worldwide (Going Global) & on opportunities in rural India (Back to the Roots).

Day 3 of this grand e-week witnessed 14 non-speaker events, 10 speaker events and 5 large public events. The statistics provided above speak for themselves as to what magnanimous a scale this year’s e-week was being celebrated at. The highlight of this day was the display of innovative science models.  The models on display were ones that can have practical implementations in our daily lives. Developed by engineering students pursuing their undergraduate course, it incorporated not only their fine technical skills but also highlighted the immense creativity that resides in them.

Some of the most interesting events in my discretion conducted during the week would be the large public events like T-shirt painting and face painting. As exciting and colorful as it may sound, but amongst all these technical, business and entrepreneurship skill sharpening sessions we had also managed time for these fun filled creative activities. The events like T-shirt painting and Innovative essay writing saw an overwhelming participation of 550 students.

DAY 4 of NEN E-WEEK surpassed all three previous days in terms of participation, excitement, thrill, enthusiasm, zest and intensity!4 non-speaker events, 11 speaker events and 3 large public events were in store for everyone on Day4 of E-week 2015. It opened with a highly interactive seminar titled Heal the World –which was on Global Warming & innovative business ideas to reduce effect of pollution and emission. ". Day 4 came to a magnificent close having surpassed all the previous 3 days.

DAY 5 was crucial in terms of mass connect and mass outreach; a contribution towards society. A small step towards social awakening, the book donation campaign held at our premises could be easily counted in one of the major events of the week.

Apart from this interesting panel discussion called “Radiate”, DAY 6 was also of emotional importance as it saw old boys and girls of this institute coming back to enrich their fellow juniors. “Ex-Men” had alumni members who are now budding social entrepreneurs share their valuable experiences with the present students of the institute.

The amazing week came to an end on 21st February,2015. As it stands E-Week 2015 in IEM was a huge success. This E-week witnessed what happens when fun met seriousness and technology met business. With around 200 events being successfully conducted exclusively by students themselves, it not only highlighted their organizational skills but also their leadership qualities.